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Submit Articles for Business Advertising:   Generically, a articles is simply a case for your samples. articles come in all sizes and levels of quality—as simple as a three-ring note¬book; as expensive as a custom-made, handcrafted leather binder. The most common articles is the black vinyl case, zippered on three sides, with or without handles. The 8V2″ by 11″ size is the most convenient to carry, but the least acceptable.. Read More

Advertising with Videos

    Considering advertising connection of marketings within a group, if only one is inside lighted, it will certainly appear misplaced unless there is some really unique factor for emphasizing it. The amount of ambient light falling on each could vary notably, but as long as marketings are legible, the eye will adjust to that variation.   While existing lighting may be sufficient for most hanging or wall-mounted marketings, it.. Read More